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Edwards & Co

An idea is born – better buggies

Back in the olden days (aka the 80s) we just didn't have the baby transport options we have now. Buggies and prams were clunky and awkward, which most parents and babies just put up with.

Phillippa and Warwick Edwards saw that things could be different. In fact, they needed things to be different – they were expecting twins. They knew the side-by-side twin buggy systems wouldn’t work for them. They didn't just want transporting their twins to be easy, they wanted it to be fun. 

Growing up – Edwards & Co

Almost 30 years later, the brand has grown up.

Edwards & Co have gone back to their roots: using their own experience and design. The new range includes integrated capsules and bases, and versatile strollers and buggies with reversible seats, so you can look at your baby as you go. They're easy and – dare we say – fun for parents and kids.

Now we're competing with a huge market of buggies, strollers, capsules, and every possible baby accessory you could imagine. It's a far cry from 1985.

But our brand still stands out. We believe in quality, practicality, safety...and most importantly, joy.

This parenting gig is tough, no matter how many useful doohickeys you buy. We can't promise you'll love every minute, but we can promise you an easier ride.

And once you get going, you should be able to look down at your kiddo's adorable little face and see their joy as they move through the world. That's what it's all about, after all.

So let's go, kiddo. Check out the Edwards & Co range now.

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Edwards & Co Package Deal
NZD $1,199.00
incl GST
Oscar G3 - Rose Gold
NZD $795.00
incl GST
Oscar G3 - Black
NZD $795.00
incl GST
NZD $224.00
incl GST
Capsule Base
NZD $145.00
incl GST
NZD $209.00
incl GST
Travel Bag
NZD $129.00
incl GST
Luxe Liner
NZD $39.00
incl GST
Cup Holder
NZD $17.00
incl GST
Sun Cover
NZD $55.00
incl GST
Sleep Sack
NZD $89.00
incl GST
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